America's Authors


America has produced some of the most beautiful writers of the English language, and in American Literature, students read the rich history of the country through its most artistic speakers. This website explores four of them, introducing you to them and hopefully tantalizing you, leaving you excited about reading their work.

There are three basic steps to exploring the content of this site, though you are welcome to do them in whatever order you please.

Step 1: Visit The Map and click on locations to become familiar with the works of the authors included (they're listed to the left on this page). When your curiosity is piqued, return to the wiki and explore the multimedia content held on each author's page.

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Step 2: Leave the map and click through the list of writers on the left navigation bar. They're listed in chronological order, though Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and Steinbeck were essentially contemporaries. The content here will introduce you to some of the most notable characteristics of the authors.

Step 3: Share your response by signing into the wiki and logging your thoughts regarding parts of the website on the Your Response page. Remember to leave your first name by your comments.